Co-Creating Europe

Europe needs you. Europe needs all of us.
In order to bring forward this vision for Europe we need financial support, your support!

We are faced with challenges on this planet that can no longer be solved solely on a national level. What we need are fundamentally new economic, political, cultural and spiritual ways of sharing life based upon the oneness of all people, the oneness of life.

All of us, who live in Europe, are being called upon to stand up for the fundamental ideas and values of a united Europe and to cultivate an open European society that helps develop solutions for the world's challenges, tries out new ways of living, and maintains solidarity with the world at large.

Europe is being created in the hearts of the people, arising out of a desire for life in a peaceful community sharing the values of dignity, freedom, harmony and interconnectedness.

By respecting and honouring the diversity recumbent in ethnicities, languages, and cultures we are able to draw upon all of the respective strengths within this diversity. It is this mutual European symphony with all its different instruments and its beautiful variety of sounds that we are aiming for.

In order to fundamentally renew Europe, a leap in consciousness is needed. Europe has a great number of people waking up to a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings - creation and creators.

Rooted in the inseparable Oneness prior to any diversity, all aspects of life can be reshaped in a way that expresses a deep respect and appreciation for the earth and humanity.

Co-Creation is, on the one hand, based on a 'vertical' motion: the conscious alignment of our human existence with a universal intelligence that furthers evolution in a life-affirming way. At the same time it needs a 'horizontal' movement: the participation of individuals and groups who co-operate for greater coherence and harmony with all that is.



Prior Unity

We can transcend what separates us and build on the deep foundation we all share, which is our prior, or already-existing unity.

Universal & Spiritual

True Spirituality is universal. Love is universal. A new Europe capable of incorporating the transcendent will operate through the dynamics of Love. Love is the highest dynamic force in the universe. It is the engine of evolution. Its power of attraction is irresistible.


European societies have a strong tendency towards secularism.  The secular reasoning of modernity however only represents the empirical dimension of existence and leaves out the more existential, spiritual aspects of life. This is at the origin of many problems we face nowadays. Not being religious does not mean not being spiritual. A transsecular attitude includes and transcends a modernist secular outlook.

Evolutionary & Integral

Physical evolution and psychological development can be described, but there is also spiritual evolution. This is central to the project's approach. We see the need for growth in consciousness, not only individually but also collectively.

In 1939 Jean Gebser, a Swiss phenomenologist, suggested to use the word 'integral' for what he considered would be the next stage of human consciousness. He described human history as a series of transformations in consciousness. Only afterwards he discovered the similarity between his own ideas and those of Sri Aurobindo (India) and Teilhard de Chardin (France). Ken Wilber, a contemporary US-American philosopher has developed an integral theory, based on both Aurobindo's and Gebser's theories, as well as on the writings of many other authors.


Ecological & Connected with Mother Earth

Today’s environmental issues call for a renewed relationship with the earth. Seeing the sacred in the creation and the interdependence in all ecosystems is the foundation and drive to strive for sustainable and ecological solutions.


Let's exchange our ideas and opinions and learn from one another, but let's also try to sense and express what we do not yet know.

Freedom & Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It set out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected.


Cosmopolitan & in Solidarity

We strive to be free from local, provincial, or national ideas, prejudices, or attachments and to feel at home all over the world, while at the same time respecting and honouring our roots and the diversity of regions, cultures, religions and nations in Europe. We feel the obligation to exercise solidarity.


Be still – Listen – Co-create

Be Still – Listen – Co-Create

Be Still

Our bodies, our lives, the entire physical universe is perpetually changing, but yet there is something within us that is still and infinite.


Life is interaction. Listen to the longing of your heart, the songlines and needs of the earth, other people's experiences. See the challenges of our times.


Offer your unique contribution. Stay connected with the stillness within, as well as in alignment with what you see is needed. Connect with others and create together a new Europe.


Co-Operations & Affiliations

In nature everything is connected. Europe can be considered as one eco-system, which is however not separate from the rest of the world. As people who are involved in networks, organizations, businesses and schools each of us co-operates with many others who are also involved in inspiring work across all sectors of society, locally, regionally, on a European and on a global scale. Some of those connections are made visible here. More to come!