Growing Field of Consciousness

Co-creating Europe aims to increase the awareness of the Oneness of all that is, while focussing on individual and collective ways of giving expression to this deep knowing.

On an individual level it is about the ability to be aware of both the sense-based reality and the non-visible & the Absolute behind this visible reality.

When more and more people consciously remember to live with their hearts wide open, bridging the seen and the unseen, individually and collectively holding the vision of ‘a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’, new options can emerge and become manifest in each realm of life, thus futhering the well-being of all beings.


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European Cultural Summit 1 – 5 September, 2021

At the Summit approaches that are inspired and nourished by a deep understanding of Oneness  will be made visible – existing projects, methods, and tools that help manifest the ‘more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’. It will bring together people who are creating prototypes that can unify Europe in a new way and that can offer inspiration for a way of living in unity on a global level.

The European Culture Summit 2021 will be a four day lab – an event with key note speeches, workshops, rounds of dialogue as well as creative expression, exhibitions and constellation work. It will provide a platform for sharing and deepening all kinds of knowledge, methods, technologies, arts as well as for meditative immersion into stillness, not-knowing and the wonder of life.

People from all walks of life will get together in this forum: from education, science, economy, law, art, health, politics, spirituality, infrastructure and ecology. They will share their knowledge and dedication for a mutual and humane Europe and the future of our children.

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European Walks

In many European regions walks are organised, in order to make the idea of unity in diversity visible.

Walking together is about the embodiment of the Oneness of all human beings, ultimately of all life. Walking reconnects us with one another, with nature, as well as with ourselves and our physical strength and limits.

By choosing certain kinds of routes we can contribute to honouring our rich European culture.

For dates, routes and contact information see calendar.

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European Consciousness Circle

Some people help shape and develop the consciousness of many people through their work. The ECC intends to bring together some of them as a circle of inspiring amplifiers of a new paradigm. Rather than having people pushing a specific agenda forward, we are looking for people who feel comfortable with what Bernie Glassmann Roshi calls “not knowing, bearing witness, loving action’.