The European Balcony Project

On the 10th of November 2018 at 4 p.m. citizens all over the continent will gather at a single moment in time to spark a broad debate about European democracy and what it means to be European citizens. From theatres, balconies and public spaces all over Europe, artists and citizens will proclaim a European Republic, discuss, and pave the way for the emancipatory claim of citizens’ equality beyond the nation-state. Political equality for all European citizens is at the heart of the idea.

The European Balcony Project was initiated by the European Democracy Lab and realized with the support of numerous citizens across Europe. Ulrike Guérot, professor of European Politics and the Study of Democracy, is the founder of the European Democracy Lab.

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One Humanity Institute Summit in Auschwitz-Oswiecim

The “One Humanity Institute” is to be located in Auschwitz-Oswiecim, Poland. It encompasses the vision of building a “City of Hope”, a destination where long or short-term visitors can experience the stark realities of the past alongside opportunities and models of transformation for a culture of sustainable peace and the uniting of humanity.

A One Humanity Institute Think Tank Summit took place from September 19 – 24, 2018. Dr. Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar, who is also involved in the Co-Creating Europe project, brought together a group of 20 prominent people from many corners of the world, five of whom were Polish colleagues, to Oswiecim-Auschwitz.

The mission of the One Humanity Institute is to help create a future that embraces the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity for all life. The purpose of the summit was to further formulate and ground this philosophy by focusing on the framework for content and specifics of transforming the buildings. The group held many perspectives coming from the fields of education, sustainability, government, media, and business. The Polish colleagues were helpful in understanding the local political context and the need for integration with the local community.

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For a United Europe

On Saturday, October 13th 2018, people gathered in more than 50 European cities to stand up for a united Europe. was initiated by the Swiss-German writer Jonas Lüscher and the Austrian philosopher Michael Zichy. According to them the unity of Europe is our best guarantee for peace, freedom and the rights of people. Individuals as well as organisations followed their call and planned demonstrations, discussions and other colourful events dedicated to a democratic, peaceful and tolerant Europe.

The most northern city where people were involved was Eskilstuna in Sweden. Lisbon was the most western outpost, Nicosia, Cyprus the most southern (and at the same time most eastern) one. On October 11th an event organized by a group of artists took place in Minsk, Belarus. Moreover groups and many individuals in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany,  Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland joined forces. It is estimated that e.g. in Berlin about 250.000 people took to the streets.