Creating a European field of Consciousness

We believe in the potential of Europe to embrace unity in diversity and become an experimental hub for new, transnational forms of society.

War in Europe. Again.

The idea that economic ties alone would be able to create the bonds of a stable and thriving Europe (and world) may have been a technocratic dream, but not a human one. Neglecting the deeper human bonds that make up a culture and its mythos or ignoring the wounds that fester from past indignities is a recipe for disaster–a disaster that we are in the midst of.

Co-Creating Europe has been dormant for some time, but at this point it seems right to do all that we can to create peace in Europe through dialogue–the practice of mutual understanding. In some places in Europe, anger and resentment have simmered for so long that dialogue is almost impossible. This is why there is no time to waste. Can we begin to enact and envision peace now? 

Co-Creating Europe is pleased to announce that it will join with evolve World to offer an online event, Defending the Heart of the Open Society. Please join us. More information is below.

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A Message from CCE Co-Founder Annette Kaiser


The graceful feminine principle, that dwells in every human heart invites you to be part of our world community standing up for peace, forgiving what has happened in the past – the way we have hurt, exploited and killed each other… We understand, it is all manmade and we can change it. NOW!
It is a historic moment, where we can transform hatred and fear into compassion where life is experienced as inseparably one allowing all differences in respect and tolerance to bloom together as one unique expression listening to each other with the heart.
We invite you to “stand up” for a world community in peace and harmony wherever your “Big Heart” and “Big Mind” wants to set a tone in your unique way. A uniting symbol for it could be the sun.
We are one big family living on this beautiful planet Mother Earth. As human beings, we are the guardians of it, with the potential to co-create heaven on earth.

We need Europe and Europe needs Us

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All of us, who live in Europe, are being called upon to stand up for the fundamental ideas and values of a united Europe and to cultivate an open European society that helps develop solutions for the world’s challenges, tries out new ways of living, and maintains solidarity with the world at large.


Co-Creating Europe’s mission is connecting spiritual and social change makers from all European countries and regions. We aim to inspire and learn from each other to transform Europe into a place of solidarity and diversity, rooted in the prior unity of all being.

We want to show the European public that there are many of us who don’t want to let our societies fragment into isolated subcultures. In this spirit of human unity we want to initiate a culture of dialogue, and individual and collective growth.


We aim for a fundamentally new political and spiritual kind of sharing life on this planet. Despite all of its current problems, we believe in the potential of Europe to embrace unity in diversity and become an experimental hub for new, transnational forms of society. As a network of purpose-driven individuals and initiatives, we want to contribute to this process. We stand for a Europe that it true to its best values but willing to face and transform the shadows of our history and culture so we can be an inspiring partner for all world-cultures in co-creating humanity’s future as a new partnership between a multitude of our world’s cultures and a new partnership between us humans, spirit and earth.

Our Essentials

Prior Unity


Deep Ecology


Freedom & Human Rights


Universal Spirituality

Evolutionary &

Be Still

Our bodies, our lives, the entire physical universe is perpetually changing, but yet there is something within us that is still and infinite.


Life is interaction. Listen to the longing of your heart, the songlines and needs of the earth, other people’s experiences. See the challenges of our times.


Offer your unique contribution. Stay connected with the stillness within, as well as in alignment with what you see is needed. Connect with others and create together.


Life is interaction. Listen to the longing of your heart, the…

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We are a growning network of over 60 social change activists with a backround in contemporary spirituality. We are Europeans or at least based in Europe and identify with being European even if our origin is important to many of us. We all believe in the potential of Europe to embrace unity in diversity and become an experimental hub for new, trans-national forms of society. We believe that a leap in consciousness is needed to set sustainable changes in Europe into place. This leap in consciousness comes from a combination of waking up and growing up.

Partners & Affiliates

In nature everything is connected. Europe can be considered as one eco-system, which is however not separate from the rest of the world. As people who are involved in networks, organizations, businesses and schools each of us co-operates with many others who are also involved in inspiring work across all sectors of society, locally, regionally, on a European and on global scale. Some of those connections are  visible here.




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