Caravan of Uniy

The Caravan of Unity is a groundbreaking event Series exploring the many dimensions of Peace through Spirit, Dialogue, Art & Action across many European Countries. The Caravan of unity is not a Caravan in a classic way. Originally designated to describe a group of people who were traveling together by camel or horse and later for a CamperVan, we define the term caravan in a new and contemporary way.


We are seeing us as all present and future European citizens as a community of travelers on a journey towards a more peaceful, inclusive, social and sustainable Europe that is based on the revelation of the prior unity of all being and in exchange and solidarity with the rest of the world.


What travels in our Caravan is the energy and spirit of unity and peace that finds expression in the events of our Europe-wide network of members, friends, and affiliates through the first three weeks of September leading up to the global celebration of the international Worl of Peace on the 21st of September 2020. Together with our global cooperation Partners …. We envision this annual celebration to grow into the largest collective action for peace in human history.


The event series will be featuring a diverse delegation of social, political and spiritual change activists, peacemakers, artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, and social alchemists. We invite you to join the caravan and engage with your ideas, projects, initiative or community and contribute to our exploration oft he many dimensions of peace.


A few of the events of the series you can already find in the Event Calendar on this side.