Nourishing a growing field of consciousness

In all of our activities, we aim to increase the awareness of the Oneness of all that is, while focussing on individual and collective ways of giving expression to this deep knowing. Europe already has a great number of people waking up to a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings – creation and creators. Our concern is to bring these initiatives together and to co-operate and to co-create with even greater coherence. We want to connect and share our experiences, techniques and create visibility, in order to revive the power of the European vision and the creative potential that goes with that.

Think Tank

In our weekly Action-Team Meetings a team of international experts from spiritual and social activism, governance, development psychology and cultural evolution, democracy, education, philosophy, cultural studies, music, media and arts gathers in a think tank to develop visions that honor the cultural diversity of Europe on the base of the prior unity of all beings. In line with the Vision the Action Team develops the strategy and formats of Co-Creating Europe in a dialogical, co-creative emergent process and plans out the initiative’s activities.

Activists Meetings

The core of our mission is connecting spiritual and social change makers from all European countries and regions to co-operate and to co-create with even greater coherence. Therefore we organize regular big activists meeting over several days to strengthen and extend our network, discuss, share, connect and support each other. In those meetings, we aim to revive the power of the European vision and the creative potential that goes with that. After hosting our 2020 gathering online, we hope to be able to plan an in-person meeting again towards the end of 2021.

Caravan of Unity

The Caravan of Unity is not a caravan in a classic sense. Originally used to describe a diverse group of people travelling together by camel or camper van, we define the term caravan in a new and contemporary way. What travels in our caravan is the energy of peace and the spirit of unity in diversity, finding expression through the actions and events of our Europe-wide and global network of members, friends and co-creators

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European Walks

In many European regions, our affiliates organize walks with locals and international guests, in order to make the idea of unity in diversity visible. Walking reconnects us with one another, with nature, as well as with ourselves and our physical strength and limits. By choosing certain kinds of routes we can contribute to honoring our rich European culture. Due to Covid 19 the Walks are currently on hold

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We are social change activists with a backround in contemporary spirituality. We are Europeans or at least based in Europe and identify with being European even if our origin is important to many of us. We all believe in the potential of Europe to embrace unity in diversity and become an experimental hub for new, post-national forms of society. We believe that a leap in consciousness is needed to set sustainable changes in Europe into place. This leap in consciousness comes from a combination of waking up and growing up.

Join our Network of over 60 Social Change Activists​

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