Extended Core-Team Meeting December 9th

On December 9th the Extended Core-Team of Co-Creating Europe met in Frankfurt a.M. to work on the vision of CCE and set further plans for the Project. We had an intense inquiry and exchange about the current situation in Europe and felt more than ever the necessity to find new perspectives as neither politicians nor violent counterprotest will create sustainable solutions for the future.

We are also aware that Europes ubiquitous problems and the feeling of a deep crisis has been yet accompanied by a grwoing amount of people and initiatives that are willing to stand up for a different Europe and and co-create solutions on a higher level. We are excited to bring many of these people together in our upcoming big network meeting in the European Capital of Culture Plovdiv in the upcoming summer. We decided to put this meeting under the headline Co-Creating the New Culture – weaving  our gifts”. 

We said goodbey to Griet Hellinckx who is withdrawing from the position of Managing Director. The whole Team feels deep gratitude for Griet’s deeply committed engagement and contribution to the project in the past years. As our new Managing Director we welcomed Julian Baller who is joining the team from now on. It was an inspiring day and we are looking forward to inform you about more developments soon.

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