What If Everyone Believed Everything Is One?

“Prior Unity” is essential to Co-Creating-Europe‘s approach. It points to the awareness that everything is one.

As Otto Scharmer and others have pointed out, the symptoms of the current crises in the world can be summarized in terms of three divides that disconnect us from the primary sources of life: the ecological, social, and spiritual divide.
For many people it is obvious that beyond the surface appearances, everything is fundamentally one. Nevertheless people differ in the degree to which they consider this to be relevant and practical for everyday life. It is obvious that it would have deep psychological, social and political implications if more people experienced Oneness and expressed this inner knowing in their behaviour and actions.

Lately some scientific resarch into the implications of the belief in oneness was done by Kate Diebels and Mark Leary. “The psychological implications of believing that everything is one” is the title of their essay that was published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. It is available online on https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17439760.2018.1484939.

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