(Y)our Europe?!

Co-Creating Europe activist and educator Griet Hellinckx has been working with the project “(Y)our Europe?!” to host an event on Biographical Storytelling. Here is her inspiring Post about the experience:

“Last Sunday it was my pleasure to work with an amazing group of people that had come to Witten to participate in a project called “(Y)our Europe?!”.
Every human being has a lot to share, but what makes for a good story that furthers connection and empathy? Everyone got to share at least one story in a triad and started looking at their own life experiences from the perspective of storytelling. Quite a few of the stories that were told were an expression of the classical s/hero journey (goal-challenge-overcoming difficulties). They touched, inspired and challenged us. And there were the fun ones that made us laugh, and others that awakened gratitude and wonder. Thank you to all of you!

“(Y)our Europe?!” is implemented by the German NGO “migration_together” @migration_miteinander and partners from Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. It started in Witten and young people with and without a migration or refugee background participated. The main objectives of the project are to make Europe more tangible and to prepare young people to actively work for peaceful coexistence in multicultural societies. They started developing their own project ideas within Idea Labs to bring Europe into their own local context and to set an example for solidarity and multicultural societies.”


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